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June 8, 2019 in Minsk,
Belarus at
Until April 29
The third .NET conference dedicated to practical experience of solving business challenges with .NET or technical challenges in .NET application
Our first speakers, UK

CTO @SkillsMatter

@konradkokosa, Poland

@Gritstep/Dotnetos, Romania

Dylan is a developer and systems architect who has been building websites and web applications since 1992.
He's worked and spoken on everything from distributed systems and hypermedia APIs to developer culture, Conway's Law and the history of the world wide web.

He lives and works in London, and when he's not writing code he plays guitar and writes songs. About code.
Author of the Pro .NET Memory Management book.
Programming for over a dozen years, solving performance problems and architectural puzzles in the .NET world, speeding up web applications.

Independent consultant, blogger, speaker and fan of Twitter.
He also shares his passion as a trainer in the area of .NET, especially about application performance and diagnostics.
Microsoft MVP in the Visual Studio and Development Tools category.

Co-founder of initiative.
As a former Technical Consultant at Microsoft, Dan helped hundreds of Microsoft partners plan, design, architect and deploy cloud and hybrid infrastructures and software solutions.

He delivered hundreds of on site trainings to partners and talked at different conferences.

From a technical perspective he tries to stay up to date with everything around .Net Core, Angular, software architecture and Microsoft Azure.

He recently founded a startup called Codewrinkles with the mission to help people around the world become software developers.
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Your Partner Account Manager is Misha Malikin:

+375 29 678-56-34
IT-hub in Eastern Europe
Belarus is well know as a highly developing IT-hub with world famous products & startups. In fact it is :

• A country with 1300+ IT-companies & 105 000+ employees
• Takes #37 position among 190 countries in "Doing Business" World Bank ranking
• A homeland of such companies & startups, as EPAM, Wargaming, IBA Group, Flo, MSQRD, Juno, etc.

Belarus is also well known for its solid engineering and open-source community:

• 70+ user groups and communities;
• SPACE Production — tech event venue and organizer of tech-conferences; — online media-platform sharing local news and delivering any kind of content to Belarusian tech community.
30 days visa-free
If you fly to Minsk airport from any country except Russia & your stay lasts up to 30 days (including arrival & departure dates), the visa will be stamped to you free of charge at Minsk airport! This concerns 74 countries' citizens.

Explore the city and enjoy your free time with these handy guides:

Minsk City Guide
Go to Belarus!
SPACE Production is a professional team which stands behind a huge number of IT conferences and meetups.
.NET User Group is a group of people who meet regularly to discuss the use of .NET, share knowledge and experience.
Lera Zaitseva
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Misha Malikin,
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